Welcome to Schools Division of Iloilo City, Philippines *** Congratulations SDO Iloilo City and DepEd Regional Offices VI *** National Champion : 2021 Teachers Got Talent Competition! We are the Home of the Champions! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

ICNHS represents Region VI in National Festival of Talents

Iloilo City National High School Silak Cultural Dance Troupe represented the Division of Iloilo City and the Region VI in the National Festival of Talents 2021. This contest aims to showcase the talents of the Filipino youth from all over the country. The DepEd...

ICNHS student innovators win National silver

Iloilo City National High School’s Maria Lilian Jem Montero, Joseph Andrean De La Cruz, Leonardo Rosal, Ralph Archie Agreda and Raf Jeanel Simonio won first runner-up in the recently concluded Concentrix NEXT MOVE Challenge last Nov. 15, 2021. The annual innovation...

Teachers’ Most Challenging Time

     The four-year baccalaureate course and years of experience of teachers in school are two of the most salient factors to bring about an outstanding and excellent educator. While their day-to-day functions make them skillful communicators, writers, moderators, and...

School Leaders in Time of Pandemic

  School leaders are empowered by the agency to potentially manage a school and its resources. They confidently set goals and visionary on attaining them. Inevitably, major change happened due to pandemic. It was March 14, 2020 when the first national lock down...

What is an Ideal Teacher?

The ideal teacher is the one we respect from our hearts. He or she serves as a guide to the learners without putting so much pressure on them on doing tasks. He or she motivates and boosts students' morale and refrain from criticizing them. Such a teacher shows...


They say time, money and energy cannot be enjoyed by an individual at the same time. A young person can have both energy and time but not money. A young adult can have both energy and money but not time. An elderly person can have both time and money but not energy....

The Essence of Education

To say that Education is important is an understatement. Education is a weapon to improve one’s life. It is the most important instrument to change one’s future. Education for a child begins at home, and it is a life – long process. Education certainly determines the...

My Personal Thoughts on Technology in Education

With the current policy of no face-to-face classes in the Philippine Basic Education, teachers, parents, and learners start to rely on technology as the answer on the methods of transfer of learning. Teachers in different schools are mostly millennials (Gen Y, Gen X,...

How Teachers, Parents, and Learners Can Positively Deal with the Pandemic

by Geraldin L. Taroballes, JMNHS Uncertainty, joblessness, panic, anxiety, hunger, discomfort, and depression. These are the words that one can immediately think about if we talk about the pandemic- the COVID 19. Many things have changed from the widespread of...

Education is the Key to Success

by SALVADOR M. BESARES Education opens one’s mind and allows for the improvement of one’s life. I believe education is the most important tool a person can receive that can bring the most success in society today. Education can help lessen the challenges a person will...

Curriculum Implementation Division (CID)

Division Logo


  1. Provide technical assistance to schools in terms of instructional delivery, curriculum framework, curriculum guide, teachers guide, and learners’ materials.
  2. Instructional Supervision
  3. Work collaboratively with SGOD in terms of Capability Building/Trainings, IPPD and Training Needs Assessment of Teachers and Principals.
  4. Curriculum Interventions
  1. Conduct curriculum feed backing to identified teachers and principals.
  2. Conduct action researches relevant to curriculum implementation.
  3. Promote curriculum learning opportunities using various delivery mediums (Video Conferencing, Webinars, Webcasts, etc.
  4. Assist Principals/Heads in modeling curriculum inclusive and other effective practices as well as in creating advocacy materials.
  5. Provide practical strategy sessions for regular classroom teachers.
  6. Evaluating and revising curriculum programs through ongoing feedback.
  7. Integration of technology into curriculum.
  8. Linking assessment through learning coaches and instructional specialist.
  1. Provide a differentiation of instructional strategies and understanding wrap around services.
  2. Coordinating demonstration classes with learning management system support.
  3. Build instructional leadership capacity within the division through a variety of professional development opportunities.




Education Program Supervisor (LRMDS) LEILA G. VALENCIA
Project Development Officer II JEZEREEL GRACE TIRON


Education Program Supervisor (Filipino) CYNTHIA P. PUNSALAN
Education Program Supervisor (English) ARNALDO R. TUGA
Education Program Supervisor (Mathematics) LIGAYA H. MONTELIJAO
Education Program Supervisor (Science) MARY REGINA N. ALKONGA, Ed. D.
Education Program Supervisor (TLE) LEO C. TOMULTO
Education Program Supervisor (MAPEH) FREDDIE C. GALLARDO
Education Program Supervisor (Araling Panlipunan) LIBERTY P. LEGO
Education Program Supervisor (Values/Guidance)  
Education Program Supervisor (Pre-School/SPED) MELODY G. LACUESTA


Public Schools District Supervisor District I – DR. NERIO BENITO E. ESEO
Public Schools District Supervisor District II – MAILA J. SUPLIDO
Public Schools District Supervisor District III – FRANCINIA M. CABALUNA
Public Schools District Supervisor District IV-A – GABRIEL J. PINTOR
Public Schools District Supervisor District IV – B – DR. MA. TERESA M. PENECILLA
Public Schools District Supervisor District IV-C – DR. DYMPHNA LEIZEL JOCSON
Public Schools District Supervisor District V-A – DR. MA. THERESA M. TACAN
Public Schools District Supervisor District V-B – DR. EVA M. DE JUAN
Public Schools District Supervisor District VI – JOCELYN C. BERMUDO
Public Schools District Supervisor District VII – DR. ROBERTA C. JISON
Education Program Specialist II (ALS) STEPHEN J. BALMES
Education Program Specialist II (ALS) ROLLY BEN MADERA

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